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Blurb Feedback

Blurb feedback

Price: 10$
This service is aimed at authors who are writing their blurb or are looking to rewrite their blurb. Blurb here refers to the piece you write about your book to be featured as description of the book on vendor sites and Goodreads.

A blurb is one of the most important things to attract readers their attention and on which they decide whether to buy/ read your book or not. I think a blurb is a vital aspect of marketing your book. This service is meant to give you another set of eyes on your blurb.

If you book this package I will provide you with feedback on your current blurb for one book, what I think could be improved and what works well. I’ll also look to see if the blurb conveys the main points of your story. If you rewrite the blurb I will also provide feedback on 2 new revisions if you decide to revise your blurb. If you want feedback on more than one blurb please indicate so. The price is 10$ for one blurb. If you write more than 2 revisions on which you want feedback extra costs may apply.

I won’t rewrite your blurb or make any revisions, I leave that up to the author, but I simply point out parts that don’t work as well or that I think could work better.

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