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Cover Feedback

Cover feedback

Price: 10$
This service is aimed at authors who are in the process of getting their cover designed or getting a new cover for their book. It also works for authors who are trying to gauge if their cover is a good fit for the audience they are trying to reach.

A cover is very important for marketing your book as it’s the first thing readers see, if you can attract readers their attention with your cover you should do that. A good cover looks professionally designed and fits the genre and target audience you’re aiming for. I can help you decide if this is the case for your cover.

If you book this package I will provide you with feedback on your current cover for one book. I ask you to only send me your cover so I can let you know what I think of the cover and which genre I think your book is based on the cover. I also ask you to tell me a bit about your book and which audience you are trying to reach and I tell you how you can achieve that with your cover or whether your cover does this well. If you get/ make a new cover or cover versions I will also provide feedback on your new version. If you want feedback on more than one cover please indicate so. The price is 10$ for one cover. If you have more than 2 revisions of the cover on which you want feedback extra costs may apply.

I won’t design your cover or make any changes, I leave that up to the author/ designer. I just give feedback on your cover from a marketing point of view and give feedback on whether your cover fits the audience you’re targeting or not and what could be changed to achieve that.

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