About my tours

What should you know about Lola’s Blog Tours?

  • Genres. Lola’s Blog Tours organizes tours for all genres in the following age categories: Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult and Adult. I also organize tours for non-fiction books.
  • What to expect with all tours. No matter which tour you book you can count on the following things: no limit on number of participants, I sent a newsletter to tour hosts subscribed to tours in that genre and age category, social media exposure by Lola’s Blog Tours, I can handle the giveaway during the tour for no additional fee and media kits provided to bloggers will be in both a word document and as premade html media kits (for wordpress and blogger blogs). You’ll receive an email a week before the tour when I’ve sent out the media kits and the invoice as well as a recap e-mail once the tour has ended.
  • Tours before and after release. All tours can be organized pre-release as well as after release. For blog tours and book blitz deluxe I would recommend that you have an ARC of your book available at least three weeks before the start of the tour.
  • Review copies. If you book a tour with review stop, you have to provide me with the review copies the latest 3 weeks before the start of the tour. I prefer to have the review copies as soon as the sign-up post goes live. If you don’t have the review copies yet once the sign-up post is live, please let me know when you expect to have the review copies, so reviewers know when to expect to receive their review copy. Review copies can be e-formats, physical format and/ or audiobook format.
  • Negative reviews. If you’re doing a blog tour or book blitz deluxe no reviews with a rating lower than 3 stars will posted during the tour. If a blogger gives your book a 1 or 2 star rating I will ask them to refrain from posting their review during the tour and send them a promo post instead or they can drop out of the tour if they prefer that. They can post their review outside of the tour. For review opportunities both positive and negative reviews will be posted.
  • Giveaway. No giveaway is necessary with your tour, but I recommend doing a giveaway with your tour because it often leads to more views and exposure. I can handle the giveaway set up and picking the winners for you for no additional fee. Lola’s Blog Tours is not responsible for the giveaway, the author is responsible for buying the prizes and getting the prizes to the winners. Giveaways adhere to my giveaway policy.
  • No limit on the number of participants. There is no limit on the number bloggers who can participate in a tour or event.
  • Amount of Books. Tours can be done for more than one book, but only if they are by the same author and in the same series or companion novels. Tours can be done for a maximum of 3 books in a series, if you want a tour for more than that there might be an extra fee for extra books. Cover Reveals can only be booked for one book or multiple books in the same series. Review Opportunities can only be booked for one book or a box set.
  • Flexible. Do you want a tour to run longer or shorter then mentioned? Want an option that isn’t listed? Just ask me, a lot is possible! I am pretty flexible and want to organize a tour we’re both happy with! Extra costs may apply.
  • Custom Banner. If you request a blog tour, a book blitz or a book blitz deluxe a banner will be made for your event. For blog tours, book blitzes and book blitzes deluxe you get a square and rectangular sized banner. All banners will be designed by Limabean Designs. The price for the banner(s) is already included in the total price for the tour.
  • Teaser Images for your books. If you book a tour with Lola’s Blog Tours you can also sign-up to get teaser images designed for your book. All teaser images will be made by Limabean Designs. You’ll have to pay Limabean Designs for these separately, the prize is 10$ per teaser image.
  • Book your tour in advance. Keep in mind that it works best to start planning your blog tour or book blitz deluxe at least 4 weeks in advance. For cover reveals and book blitzes I recommend planning at least 3 weeks in advance. I do advice to aim for about two months in advance or 6 weeks in advance for all tours for best results.
  • Tour Promotion. I will promote every tour. This means that on this site Lola’s Blog Tours there will be a page with details about your tour which includes information about the book, cover, tour banner, goodreads link, author bio, author social media links and a link to the sign-up form for your tour. Beside that there will also be a link to the sign-up post in my sidebar and on the current and open tours page on my site. The banner or link to your cover reveal or review opportunity will also be featured in the sidebar of my blog Lola’s Reviews and be included during my weekly Sunday post on my blog. Besides that I will share the link to the sign-up page on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter once it’s live. During the actual tour I will share some links to blog posts on Twitter and Facebook. And I’ll do a post on Instagram at the start of the tour as well.
  • Sign-ups. Lola’s Blog Tours will organize your event, this means that no one can participate in your event unless they filled out the sign-up form for your event or had contact with me directly. If you know of people who want to be part of your event, feel free to share the sign-up form with them.
  • Who can sign up. Blog Tours, book blitzes and cover reveals are open to bloggers and bookstagrammers. For review opportunities bloggers, bookstagrammers and reviewers can sign-up. Reviewers should have an account on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub or another vendor site and have reviewed books there before.
  • Exclusiveness. If you have a blog tour or book blitz going on organized by Lola’s Blog Tours, I would caution against booking a tour at the same time organized by another tour organizer, as that can reduce the effect of both events. I don’t have a rule against this, except for cover reveals. For cover reveals, I ask that if you want Lola’s Blog Tours to organize your cover reveal there won’t be anyone else organizing your cover reveal. For review opportunities there are no such restrictions at all, you can still contact bloggers yourself or let someone else contact bloggers and ask them to review your book.
  • Invoices. Invoices will be send through PayPal. For blog tours, book blitzes and book blitzes deluxe invoices will be send a week before the start of a tour or event. Invoices for review opportunities will be send when the sign-up post is live. Please pay the invoice within 48 hours, if this isn’t possible please let me know in advance.
  • Add-ons. If you want an add-on for your tour please book this when booking your tour or shortly afterwards. I might not be able to add your add-on if booked later. The only exception is the review opportunity discount add-on which can be booked till 2 weeks after the tour has ended.
  • Right to decline. I have the right to decline every event request or cancel with full refund, for any reason.
  • Cancellation and refunds. Blog Tours, Book Blitzes, Book Blitzes Deluxe, Cover Reveals and Review Opportunities can’t be cancelled once the sign-up form is live on my site. If for some reason there is no other option but to cancel a tour, you will have to pay 80% of the full price to compensate for the work already done. Once you paid for the tour it’s not possible to get a refund. For review opportunities and cover reveals it isn’t possible to get a refund once the sign-up post is live. If a tour is cancelled before the sign-up post is live, but while I did work on it, you’ll have to pay a cancellation fee of $40.

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You can click on the link below to be take to the form to request an event organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. You will get a response from me within 48 hours, but usually sooner. Or you can send me an e-mail at lola(at)lolasblogtours(dot)com
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