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Thanks for stopping by my about me page. I am Lola, the owner of Lola’s Blog Tours. Reading and everything surrounding books is my passion and I want to help spread the word about those amazing books out there. I also have a strong interest in marketing and social media and use my knowledge in those areas to help promote the books I tour.

I believe in doing things to the best of my ability and prefer quality above quantity. I believe in going the extra step and being open to new possibilities. I believe in always trying to be better and I work towards improving Lola’s Blog Tours every day, so I can continue to grow and improve my services.

Facts and background

  • I studied Psychology at Leyden University and majored in Economic and Consumer Psychology. My knowledge of human behavior, consumer behavior and psychology is still relevant to the work I do today.
  • I have been blogging since 2012 when I was asked to join as a co-blogger over at K-Books. I fell in love with blogging and the whole blogging community. In December 2012 I started my own blog Lola’s Reviews . I love having my own little place online.
  • From May 2013 till February 2014 I worked as a publicist for a small publisher and learned about organizing blog tours and cover reveals. Combined with my critical thinking and drive to create my own company, this formed the foundation of Lola’s Blog Tours.
  • I started Lola’s Blog Tours in September 2013. I love working with authors and helping them spread the word about their books. This job is everything I hoped it would be and more!
  • I’ve been working as an author assistant since late 2014, when I started working for my first author. A few years later I added more authors, some of those whom I still work for today. I’ve learned a variety of skills and knowledge thanks to this work.
  • I am constantly adding to my knowledge by being active in the bookish community and reading non-fiction books about everything book related. If you want some recommendations of books I read check those out here.
  • I organize blog tours, cover reveals, book blitzes, book blitzes deluxe and review opportunity events for fiction books. I organize events for all genres in the following age categories: Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult and Adult. As well as non-fiction tours, which I added later.


Are you interested in booking a tour? Feel free to shoot me an e-mail and if I can help you, I gladly will :). You can read more about my services and their prices on my services page.
You can contact me by sending an e-mail to lola(at)lolasblogtours(dot)com
I usually reply within 48 hours. If you don’t hear back from me within 48 hours, please contact me on one of my social media sites as I probably haven’t received your e-mail then.

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