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Review Opportunity

Review Opportunity

Price: $60 $40 – discount runs till 31 July
Lola’s Blog Tours helps you with getting some more reviews for your book. Bloggers and reviewers can request a copy of your book in exchange for an honest review.

A Review Opportunity is not a tour, reviewers post their review as soon as they have read the book. I do provide them with a media kit just like with a tour, but they can read and review at their own pace.

  • No limit on number of participants.
  • Honest reviews.
  • Social media exposure by Lola’s Blog Tours for a few weeks after the review opportunity goes live.
  • Saves you the time of finding bloggers and reviewers and visiting every blog to see if it’s a good match for your book.
  • I encourage that reviewers cross post their reviews on other sites, but can’t guarantee that.
  • You can only include one book in a review opportunity.
  • Even though Lola’s Blog Tours organizes this event, you can still contact bloggers yourself or let someone else contact bloggers and ask them to review your book.
  • For review opportunities bloggers and reviewers can sign-up. Reviewers should have an account on at least amazon or Goodreads. People who sign-up for a review opportunity should at least post their review on their blog, amazon or Goodreads.

Review opportunities often have no deadline for when reviewers have to review (unless you want to add one) and this means it’s more a slow and steady type of event. Usually you get more reviewers who request a copy than for events with a deadline, but it can take a while before you receive the reviews.

* Special Discount! Once you’ve booked a review opportunity for a book in a series, if you book a review opportunity for any later (or earlier) books in the series you get a $20 discount on those. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

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Read the terms and what you should know about touring with Lola’s Blog Tours here

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