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Review Opportunity

Review Opportunity

Price: $60
Lola’s Blog Tours helps you with getting some more reviews for your book. Bloggers and reviewers can request a copy of your book in exchange for an honest review. A Review Opportunity is not a tour, reviewers post their review as soon as they have read the book. I do provide them with a media kit just like with a tour, but they can read and review at their own pace.

  • No limit on number of participants.
  • Honest reviews.
  • Social media exposure by Lola’s Blog Tours for a few weeks after the review opportunity goes live.
  • Saves you the time of finding bloggers and reviewers and visiting every blog to see if it’s a good match for your book.
  • I encourage that reviewers cross post their reviews on other sites, but can’t guarantee that.
  • You can only include one book in a review opportunity.
  • Even though Lola’s Blog Tours organizes this event, you can still contact bloggers yourself or let someone else contact bloggers and ask them to review your book.
  • For review opportunities bloggers and reviewers can sign-up. Reviewers should have an account on at least amazon or Goodreads. People who sign-up for a review opportunity should at least post their review on their blog, amazon or Goodreads.

* Special Discount! Once you’ve booked a review opportunity for a book in a series, if you book a review opportunity for any later (or earlier) books in the series you get a $20 discount on those. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

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Read the terms and what you should know about touring with Lola’s Blog Tours here

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