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Assistant Work

Assistant Work

I work as a personal assistant for multiple authors and have done so for many years now. I started with my first author assistant job in end 2014 and started workign for more authors along the way. There is a wide variety of tasks I can do and I wanted to offer some of those for my Lola’s Blog Tours clients as well. Below I’ve listed a variety of tasks I can do, but if you need help with anything else you can always ask me. You can email me at lola(at)lolasblogtour(dot)com

I currently have some space for authors who are looking for weekly or monthly recurring work.

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Per Hour Assistant Work

Price: 22$ per hour

  • Goodreads work. I can do a full check of your books on Goodreads and check them against the information on your website/ Amazon profile and update things to make sure everything is up to date. I can email you (positive) reviews for your books on Goodreads. Or make any changes you want to your books, add a new editions, change blurb, adjust book data etc. Please note due to Goodreads their rules removing/ changing a cover is not allowed (the exceptions are clear placeholder covers), in this case I have to set up a new edition. This will take about 0,5 to 1 hour per Goodreads check, maybe more if you have a lot of books or changes.
  • Website work. I can do a lot of task regarding your website. Whether it’s updating your book pages, changing content, adding new content or anything else you need help with. I can also do some back end work, like installing/ changing or removing themes and plugins. Changing settings etc. I have limited knowledge about CSS and can’t do any graphic design work. I only accept website work for or self hosted wordpress sites at the moment. If you really need help with another website type and are okay with paying more as that will take me more time, you can contact me. The time this takes will really vary form the task you want me to do.
  • Newsletter work. I can help you with your newsletters, like setting you account up, drafting your newsletters or creating a template for your newsletters. I can make a newsletter template you can use for your newsletters that fits your personal brand/ website style. I have experience with Mailchimp and Mailerlite, I am happy to do work for your newsletter if you have an other providers, but keep in mind this might take me more time as I have to get familiar with the system. This will take approximately half and hour or slightly more per newsletter.
  • Twitter pitches. If you have a twitter pitch contest coming up that you want to participate in, I can write some twitter pitches for you. I will wrote a bunch of different pitches that will fit the guidelines for the contest you want to participate in and fit in the twitter character limit. This will take about an hour per book.
  • Marketing feedback or questions. I am also happy to discuss book marketing with you. I can give feedback on your cover or blurb or anything else marketing related you like. Please note my area of expertise is book marketing and things like checking your blurb and cover to see if that fits your books. While my knowledge of designing covers, editing, formatting and writing is limited.

Once you book any of these services I will email you with more questions and then try to give an estimate of how many hours the work will take so you can confirm that is okay. You can also set a maximum amount of hours you don’t want me to go over. Invoices will be send once the work is completed or after 2 hours depending on the work.

Please note there is a limit to how many of these I can accept per month, so there might be a wait list. If you’re looking for any other type of service, you can see if that’s something I can do for you. I hold the right to decline any request for these for any reason. Make sure to book these a few weeks in advance when possible.

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Social Media Posts

Price: 30$
I write 30 social media posts for you. This will save you the time of writing those posts as you only have to schedule them on your social media.

  • I recommend to book this service at least 1-2 weeks in advance.
  • Limited amount of spots available each month.
  • You pick a maximum of 5 topics for me to write social media posts about.
  • Extra costs apply for more posts or more topics.
  • Most of these posts are a maximum of 280 characters so they can be used on Twitter as well as other social media.
  • Once posts are written I e-mail you the list of posts I wrote and you can use them on your social media accounts.
  • You can change, use and reuse any posts I wrote for you.

Some possible ideas for topics I can write posts about: buy link(s) for any of your books, a giveaway, a blog post, author Amazon page, author social media profile, street team, newsletter, teasers etc.

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Marketing and Online Presence Evaluation

Price: 50$

  • I evaluate your online presence and marketing for your books by looking at your product pages and online presence. I will then email you back with the eveluation. As well as give advice and comments about what you’re doing well and provide you with tips and recommendations.
  • Specific advice and tips on how to improve your marketing and online presence.
  • I answer any marketing or online presence questions you have.
  • Additional fee may apply if you have more than 10 books. You can also decide to not have all books evaluated.

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Author Testimonials about my assistant work

“I love working with Lola! A few years ago, I got fed up with dealing with the Goodreads website and decided that this was a task better suited to someone who knows how it works. I hired Lola to take care of Goodreads for me, and I have never been happier with that decision! She makes sure my account is in good standing, uploads my books, updates blurbs, links, and covers… So many things that I just don’t have the time or patience for. Since we’ve been working together, I’ve also hired her to help with some website work and getting ARCs onto Booksprout when I was trying that out. What I love about Lola is that I can count on her to be on top of things. If I hand a task off to her, she gets it done. I hope that we continue to work together far into the future!”
– S.J. Pajonas

“Lola is very easy to work with and very knowledgeable and helpful in her suggestions. She gets a lot done in a short time and her communication is excellent. Five star customer service and I have no hesitation in recommending her as a personal assistant. I’m busy thinking up all the jobs I need more help with. 🙂 ”
– Gina Wynn

“I asked Lola to write some pitches for me and I was absolutely amazed by the incredible pitches she wrote. She went over and above my expectations and gave me a lot more options to work with. I will definitely be using her services again! Thank you once again for the wonderful services that you offer.”
– Lorraine M.L.M

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You can fill out this form if you want to hire my assistant services. Or you can send me an e-mail at lola(at)lolasblogtours(dot)com

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