Current & Open Tours

This page contains all the tours currently going on and open tours for which you can still sign-up. Every link goes to the page of the corresponding event.

Tours Currently Happening:

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Open Tours:

Through Dangerous Doors tour banner
The Abdication tour banner
Charm Wars tour banner
Get You The Moon tour banner
Dead Man's Hex tour banner
The Cowboy's Christmas Retreat tour banner

Open Cover Reveals:

There are no cover reveals open for sign-up.

Recently added Review Opportunities:

Snuggle with the Strange book coverWhile at the Altar book coverSnuggle with the Shadows book coverWhen We Talk by Carrie Crafton

All Open Review Opportunities:

Review Opportunities are books of which you can request a review copy. Bloggers, bookstagrammers and reviewers can sign-up for these.


While at the Altar book cover

Middle Grade

Warren High: An Elephant Never Forgets by J.C. RobertsThe Beast of Black PondEmpty EyesThe FireflyThe Krampus

Young Adult

The Luthier's Apprentice by Mayra CalvaniDaughter of Isis by Kelsey KetchCross Roads by Donald Wilson IILove Spell by Mia KerrickThe Shadow of Loss by Josefina GutierrezLink by Summer WierMicah by Lee DuCoteDon't Call Me Kit Kat by K.J. FarnhamThe Breakup Support GroupPassageIn The Heart of Babylon by SGD SinghThe Jade Rebellion by Alanna MacKenzieSpooks by Athena FloresReplaced Parts book coverIridescent by S.H. Everly

New Adult

Flawless by Jennifer McGill-SaderaCalling California by J.P. GriderMending Michael by J.P. Grider3volve by Josefina GutierrezThe Guest House WitchDark ReflectionsNever Date a Siren by Byrd NashMuDeath Island The Journey by Kelsey KetchDeath Island The Discovery


Chills: a short story collection by Sahar SabatiClick Date Repeat by K. J. FarnhamAcross Borders by Lee DucoteHere Comes the Witch by Ani GonzalezNecromancer by Graeme IngFated Memories by Joan CarneyRemember by Joan CarneyCards From Khloe’s Flower Shop by Isabella Louise AndersonMother of Wolves by J Aislynn d’MerrickssonUntil Love Finds You by Pamela AaresDeck The Malls with Purple PeacocksAfter AllHidingThe Port Elspeth Jewelry Making ClubThe Composition of Order by Hilary DarttOnce Upon An Equinox by Dovie RuthThe Christmas Walk CaperIndigo by Paula BerinsteinMidnight Temptation by Shari NichollsMissing by A.D. HayWho Let the Demon Out? by Naomi BellinaSheltering Spirits by Lori AllisonSnuggle with the Strange book coverSnuggle with the Shadows by Liane CarterWhen We Talk by Carrie Crafton