Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal graphicPrice: $95

I only organize cover reveals for covers not yet shown publicly online before. If your cover is already featured on goodreads, your website, social media or anywhere else I can’t organize a cover reveal for you

You choose a date and on that date your cover will be revealed on book blogs.

  • Book your cover reveal at least 3 weeks in advance, but aim for 5 weeks if possible.
  • A cover reveal takes place on one specific day.
  • No Limit on number of participants.
  • Cover Reveals don’t have to be the top post on the blog that day.
  • A square sized cover reveal graphic will be made for your cover reveal.
  • Social media exposure by Lola’s Blog Tours before and during the cover reveal.
  • If you book a cover reveal the cover can’t be revealed online before the cover reveal date.
  • I ask that if you book a cover reveal by Lola’s Blog Tours, you don’t book a cover reveal for the same book anywhere else.
  • You can reveal more than one cover during the same cover reveal. In the case of multiple covers during a cover reveal, the covers do have to be part of the same series

A cover reveal has to take place at least a week before the release date of the book.

I only accept a maximum of one cover reveal for each date (and a limited amount for each week).

For only $40 (instead of $70) you can do a review opportunity for the same book as you’re doing a cover reveal for.

Book a cover reveal

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