Book Blitz

Price: $110
A week long online tour with excerpt and promo only posts on blogs.

  • Book your book blitz at least 3 weeks in advance, but aim for 5 weeks if possible.
  • A Book blitz takes place on one specific day or for a maximum of 7 days.
  • No limit on number of participants.
  • A rectangular and square sized custom tour banner will be made for your tour.
  • Book Blitzes don’t have to be the top post on the blog that day
  • Social media exposure by Lola’s Blog Tours before and during the tour.
  • One reminder e-mail will be send to each blogger if that blogger doesn’t post on their scheduled day

Add-ons for your book blitz
For $20 extra you can have your blitz runs 2 weeks instead of one.
For $20 extra you can add either premade guest posts, premade interviews or premade top ten lists to your blitz, you can only pick one of these three to add. These posts have to be premade, meaning that you the author picks the topic and writes the posts. If you want to add guest posts, interviews and top ten lists or have the blogger pick the topic please book a Blog Tour instead. If you want to add review stops to your blitz, please check out the book blitz deluxe.

Book a tour

Read the terms and what you should know about touring with Lola’s Blog Tours here

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