Bookstagram Blitz: What You Wish For by Gina Wynn

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I am organizing a bookstagram blitz for What You Wish For by Gina Wynn. This bookstagram blitz runs from 3 till 9 August. Instagrammers, social media pages and bookbloggers are welcome to sign-up.

Everyone who signs-up received a free e-copy of the book. Taking a photograph of your copy and posting it during the tour would be very much appreciated. Reviewing is optional, but would be awesome.

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What You Wish ForWhat You Wish For
By Gina Wynn
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age category: Adult

Never Stop Wishing.

Maggie begins to experience her alternate life in another dimension, and she’s forced to confront the reality of marriage to a man she loves versus the impossible man she’s fallen in love with.

After secrets from her past surface, both of Maggie’s realities are threatened, and as the truth of her past comes to light, she must decide which man she truly loves and which life she wants to live. But the choice might not even be hers to make.

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About the Author:

Gina Wynn is crazy busy. No, wait. That should say crazy and busy. Because she’s totally both those things.
Caught somewhere between between keeping too many plates spinning and failing at life, she whole-heartedly believes in Dory’s motto and just keeps swimming. Maybe Gina’s part shark, actually. They also have to keep swimming, right?
Feel free to check out her social media, but please be aware it’s almost never updated. The same goes for her website.
As with all things, she resolves to try to be better.

You can find and contact Gina here:

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