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Lola’s Blog Tours 2 year anniversary!

Today Lola’s Blog Tours turns 2 years! I want to thank all the awesome bloggers and authors out there who worked with me in these past two years! Without you this wouldn’t have been possible. And a big thanks to my banner maker Coen Dekker for making the awesome banners for my tours.
I am still in awe every day I can actually organize tours for a living. It’s a dream come true.

What Happened this Year?

The biggest change I made this year was making Cover Reveals free. I wanted a way for new authors to sample my services and for returning customers a thank you. Very little authors booked cover reveals before this change as I think I was charging too much for them. So I decided to make them free and see what happens. So far the results have been amazing, in the short time cover reveals have been free I have organized twice as much cover reveals than the whole time before that. For now decide to keep cover reveals free, although I might change this later. (more…)

Why I Decided to Make Cover Reveals Free

I have a big announcement to make to today! From today onwards cover reveals will be free! At least till the end of July. At the end of July I will re-evaluate whether I’ll keep them for free or not.

Why I decided to make Cover Reveals Free

My main goal is to organize more cover reveals and I am hoping that by making cover reveals free I will achieve that goal. Cover Reveals have always been my worst selling tour, at the moment I have organized a grand total of 10 cover reveals. That is from when I started Lola’s Blog Tours on 13 September 2013 till now. That isn’t a lot. So I wanted to do something big that would help make cover reveals more popular. (more…)

Lola’s Blog Tours turns one!

A year ago I started Lola’s Blog Tours because I loved reading and organizing tours for books by awesome authors. I can’t believe Lola’s Blog Tours is already turning one! This year went by so fast and I also had to overcome some struggles and troubles, but here we are a year later! (more…)

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June Cover Reveal Sale

June Cover Reveal Sale banner

I’ve got some exciting news for authors today. Today I am launching my month long promotion for Cover Reveals. All Cover Reveals booked in June will be 50% off! Yeah you heard that right you can book a cover reveal for really cheap this month! With ‘booked’ I basically mean you have to contact me about a cover reveal in the month June and the actual cover reveal has to take place before the end of October.
And there’s more, I am also running a month long giveaway where you can win one of the following discounts: 50% off a blog tour, 50% off a Book Blitz and 50% off a Review Opportunity! (more…)

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New Design and giveaway

From today onwards my site has a completely new design :). I hope you love it as much as I do.
From the moment I started Lola’s Blog Tours I knew I wanted a custom made design and I knew I wanted a design by Parajunkee, because I love her designs. So after a four month waiting list, I finally got my design. And I have to say it everything I hoped for and more.
I totally love my new design and have you seen the banners in the siderbar which you can grab and post on your own site? I totally love them, maybe the tour hosts banner even a little bit more than the other one.

So basically I told Parajunkee that I wanted a design with light green and a magical feel, I had more of a feeling than a concrete idea how I wanted my site to look, so green magic it was. And well this is what I got. I was so impressed when I got my first look at my new design, how she could’ve made such an awesome design from only two words and make it exactly fit how I wanted my site to look. (more…)

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