Review Opportunities Discounted in November!

Posted November 1, 2016 by Lola in Information

During the whole month of November I am discounting my review opportunities! I am doing a 20$ off discount, so that means you can book a review opportunity for only 40$ in November instead of the normal price of 60$. Want more reviews for your book? Then this service might be able to help you!

Review Opportunities are one of my most popular services and I love organizing them. Review opportunities can stay on my site as long as you want, so reviewers can keep signing-up for a review copy for a long time. I only close a review opportunities when the author asks me to close them. Review Opportunities are more of a long term service. There are no deadlines for when reviewers have to review the books, so it can take some time before you see reviews, but you can always contact me if you want to know the amount of reviewers who signed-up so far.
Want to read more about review opportunities or book one? Stop by review opportunity page.


The Rules

To make use of this discount you have to book your review opportunity with Lola’s Blog Tours in November 2016. Another requirement is that you have the review copies or ARC’s of your book available and send them to me before the end of November 2016. Review Opportunities booked after the end of the month or when you don’t have the review copies and send them to me before the end of the month, will be charged the normal price of 60$.