Review Opportunity: Kiss of Salt by Smita Bhattacharya

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I am organizing a review opportunity for Kiss of Salt by Smita Bhattacharya. Review copies are available in e-formats. There is no deadline before when you have to review. For this review opportunity we prefer reviewers that can review on at least Amazon and Goodreads.

Kiss of Salt is a slow-burn, atmospheric crime mystery set on the sunny beaches of Goa, India. It is the first of the Darya Nandkarni mysteries. Think ‘Murder, She Wrote’ with a multicultural flavor.

Kiss of SaltKiss of Salt (Darya Nandkarni’s Misadventure #1)
by Smita Bhattacharya
Genre: Mystery
Age category: Adult
Pages: 264

It was crazy really, for Darya to think she could have some peace and quiet at Heliconia Lane. Yes, it was located in a beautiful corner of South Goa—by the beach, no less—but after her Aunt Farideh disappeared twenty years ago—from this very place—nothing has been the same again. And now her uncle was dead under bizarre circumstances as were two of the neighbours on his street.

What was happening? Was there a murderer on the loose? Why were people dying? Was it connected to her aunt’s disappearance in some way?

And most importantly, was Darya going to be next?

A cosy, atmospheric whodunnit, Kiss of Salt introduces Darya Nandkarni, an amateur, and accidental detective, who is clever, spirited, resourceful, yet troubled and vulnerable. Her adventures will make you laugh, cry, gape, and marvel, and you won’t be able to put down the book until you’ve solved the mystery along with her on the beautiful beaches of Goa.

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About the Author:

Kiss of SaltSmita Bhattacharya is an author based in Mumbai. She has been published in prestigious international magazines such as The Ascent, Lit Up, Litro, The Fem Lit Mag, and eFiction. She is an avid traveller and has solo-travelled to over forty countries. Thus, her books have a strong element of travel in them. She loves to read, watch, and write atmospheric mystery thrillers. Her heroines are weird and wonderful, just how she likes to think she is.

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