Why I Decided to Make Cover Reveals Free

Posted April 18, 2015 by Lola in Information

I have a big announcement to make to today! From today onwards cover reveals will be free! At least till the end of July. At the end of July I will re-evaluate whether I’ll keep them for free or not.

Why I decided to make Cover Reveals Free

My main goal is to organize more cover reveals and I am hoping that by making cover reveals free I will achieve that goal. Cover Reveals have always been my worst selling tour, at the moment I have organized a grand total of 10 cover reveals. That is from when I started Lola’s Blog Tours on 13 September 2013 till now. That isn’t a lot. So I wanted to do something big that would help make cover reveals more popular.

I believe cover reveals can help authors and are valuable, mostly due to getting more exposure for your book and having your cover seen on multiple blogs. I also know that cover reveals probably help less than a tour and while they still take a lot of time to organize (hence my previous price of 60$) I think they don’t add as much value for the authors, so they aren’t buying them. Also I love organizing cover reveal and I want to organize more of them. So for the next 3 months cover reveals will be free and after that I’ll re-evealuate and decide whether to keep them free or not.

For the Authors

Another reason why I want to offer Cover Reveals for free is for the authors. I started Lola’s Blog Tours because I love promoting books. And while in an ideal world I would offer al my services for free, I can’t. I do want to help authors and I realized that while I can’t offer all my tours for free, I can offer one of them for free. In this way I am hoping to provide all authors with the possibility of doing a cover reveal, without any strings attached and get a sample of my work. And even authors with a tight or no budget can make use of this. While on the other hand it’s also a nice thank you for authors who organize multiple tours with me. It helps all authors and I love that!


For a long time I had this idea of offering a sample of my services and expertise. It’s the reason I came up with my Free Advice service. I want to offer authors an easy and free way to get a feel for what I can do for them. Editors can offer a free editing sample, but I can’t give authors a half tour or a tour sample. Now I realize that by offering free cover reveals I can offer authors a sample of my services and hopefully have them come back for more.

What will the consequences be of this change?

Mainly I hope this change will lead to me organizing more cover reveals. For bloggers this will mean more opportunities to participate in cover reveals organized by Lola’s Blog Tours, while expecting the same service as they’ve come to expect from Lola’s Blog Tours (like premade html media kits and media ktis distributed a week before the reveal). For authors this means a free way to get to know me and my company and get a feel for how I work and organize tours. It also means that if this really takes off I might have to say no to authors more often, but I a hopign that won’t be necessary.

Book a Cover Reveal

Want to book a cover reveal? You can click on the link below to be take to the form to request an event organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. You will get a response from me within 48 hours, but usually sooner. Or you can send me an e-mail at lola(at)lolasblogtours(dot)com

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