New Design and giveaway

Posted February 8, 2014 by Lola in Information

From today onwards my site has a completely new design :). I hope you love it as much as I do.
From the moment I started Lola’s Blog Tours I knew I wanted a custom made design and I knew I wanted a design by Parajunkee, because I love her designs. So after a four month waiting list, I finally got my design. And I have to say it everything I hoped for and more.
I totally love my new design and have you seen the banners in the siderbar which you can grab and post on your own site? I totally love them, maybe the tour hosts banner even a little bit more than the other one.

So basically I told Parajunkee that I wanted a design with light green and a magical feel, I had more of a feeling than a concrete idea how I wanted my site to look, so green magic it was. And well this is what I got. I was so impressed when I got my first look at my new design, how she could’ve made such an awesome design from only two words and make it exactly fit how I wanted my site to look.

Beside a new design, some other things has changed too, although most of those are less visible. I made some small changes on the Services and Tour Host Page. I am now using my cool new headers, so the pages look a bit more organized and I summarized some things on the Tour Host page, so it’s less long.
I also switched Lola’s Blog Tours from to and transfered my domain name to my new hosting provider. And some url’s have changed, as uses the date+postname structure and my current posts only have the postname. So yeah, some past urls might not work anymore unfortunately, although if you remove the date form the url it should be working fine.


So to celebrate the new design I wanted to do a giveaway :). The first giveaway is for authors. It’s for discount codes for all services I offer. Some terms for this giveaway: you have to be an author to enter, the discount code has no expiration date, discount code is only usable once and the discount code can be used for all services Lola’s Blog Tours offers. For a chance to win, you can enter below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

The second giveaway is for everyone :). I am giving away 3 books from The Bookdepository. So there will be 3 winners and they all can choose a book from The Bookdepository up to 10$. Only requirement to enter is that The Bookdepository must ship to your country. Not sure whether they ship to your country? You can find out here. For a chance to win enter the giveaway below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway


38 responses to “New Design and giveaway

  1. oh, lola! this is adorable and truly magical! green and purple are always a great color combo, aren’t they? as a matter of fact, my socks right now are purple and green. x)

    i totally love the new look, parajunkee rocked it out!

    • Lola

      Thanks Momo :). Every time I go to my site I am surprised again at how beautifull it looks. I am so happy with the new design.

    • Lola

      Yeah it’s a great combination of colours. I would never have thought of it myself though, I usually combine green with dark brown like on my blog Lola’s Reviews. But I love the combination with purple!

    • Thanks :). I really like it too. So much better than that temporarily design I had before this. And I love the new header!

    • Thanks Anna. I love how both Lola’s Reviews and Lola’s Blog Tours now have a green site, but they are still very different in the design too.

    • Thanks Hazel! Indeed the colours are gorgeous. I also love the new headings, I never used headings before, but now I am working them into every page and post. For example the giveaways heading in this post and the services and tour hosts pages also get headings, it makes everything look so much more organized.

  2. Julianne

    Your new design is gorgeous. I’m a purple freak and I love the cute floral designs. And they go great with the green.

    • I love the floral designs and all those little touches of magic with the stars and the circles. Parajunkee did such an awesome job with this design!

    • I always find it hard to choose a book to pick for these kind of contests too and usually only decide on a book if I actually win, but I still think it’s fun to include the question πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Marie :). I love it too and I love all those little details like the little star trailes that give the design it’s magical feel.

  3. i think the new design is everyything yyou asked for it, its magical and i really like it, proud to display the badge! πŸ™‚ i would pick fangirl because i am desperate to read it!x

    • Indeed it’s magical and green, just like I wanted :). And thanks so much for adding the badge to your site!
      I have heard some great things about Fangirl.

    • Thanks Julie :). I have to admit I always hate having to answer the questions of which books to choose when you win, but I think it’s fun to ask anyway. I always like seeing which books the winners pick eventually.

  4. Dhaifullah

    It’s really lovely i like it xx i’d choose will grayson, will grayson by john green because i love john green and I’m dying to but Im broke πŸ™

    • Thanks :).
      I hate that feeling of knowing there are awesome books you want to buy, but can’t afford to spend the money on them :(.