Review Opportunities Discounted in December

Posted December 1, 2017 by Lola in Information

Review Opportunity Discount
I am excited to announce the last discount of 2017. For the month of December review opportunities are only $40, instead of the normal price of $60. Review Opportunities are a great way to get more reviews for a book. Once they’re live they can stay open on my site for as long as you like, without any extra cost. Reviewers can sign-up for a review and once they send me the link to their review I pass that along to the author. If you have a book that could use some extra reviews, now’s the time to book your review opportunity!

The Discount

All blog tours that are booked in the month December (1-31 December 2017) will be $20 off. So Review Opportunities will be only $40 instead of the normal price of $60.

Book a Review Opportunity

Want to make use of this discount?

click here to book a tour button

The Rules

  • To make use of this $20 off discount you have to book a Review Opportunity with Lola’s Blog Tours.
  • The discount is only applicable on the following type of tour: Review Opportunity.
  • Your review opportunity has to be booked in December 2017 and you must have all the materials (review copies, blurb, cover etc) ready for this review opportunity and send these to me before the end of December or within a two days of receiving my e-mail if booking on the last two days of December.
  • You can book as many review opportunities as you like.
  • This discount cannot be combined with other discounts or giveaway prizes. Lola’s Blog Tours has to right to decline any book that isn’t a good fit to this company or end the discount early.


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