Review Opportunity: The Minimalist Babe by Lola R. Marie

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I am organizing a review opportunity for The Minimalist Babe by Lola R. Marie. This is a non-fiction self help book. Review copies are available in e-formats. These are uncorrected ARC copies of the book. It releases on 7 September. A review within a month of release would be very much appreciated.

The Minimalist BabeThe Minimalist Babe: Tidying-Up Your Whole Life
by Lola R. Marie
Genre: Non-fiction self help
Release Date: 7 September, 2019

Lola is every bit the minimalist babe – she lives simply, is intelligent and sassy, emotional and strong, calm and composed. Realizing that less is more, she traded in material possessions to focus on what was truly important to her. Lola’s inspiring guide delivers real-world advice on how to consume less, clear out clutter, find authenticity, and live a life based on freedom. It is a sincere attempt to help those who want to end their obsession with stuff.

Echoing the thoughts behind Leonardo da Vinci’s quote that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” this book teaches you how to value the simple things. From learning to declutter and live with less to living life with passion, good health, and great relationships. The Minimalist Babe is for anyone who desires a more intentional life. Drawing from real-life experiences, it is filled with stories that will teach you step-by-step how to be:

Authentic, self-assured, calm and composed, mindful, minimal and self-sufficient, financially stable, purposeful, free, healthy and happy.

So what are you waiting for?

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About the Author:

Lola Ray Marie loves to write, bathe in sunrays and ponder the mysteries of life. She is also the author of “A Morning Routine” her debut Self-Help book.

You can find and contact Lola R. Marie here:


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