Review Opportunity: The Time Capsule by Connie Lacy

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I am organizing a review opportunity for The Time Capsule by Connie Lacy. Review copies of this book are available in eformats. There is no deadline before when you have to review it. This review opportunity is now closed.

The Time CapsuleThe Time Capsule
by Connie Lacy
Genre: Time Travel Historical Romance
Age category: Adult
Release Date: 22 May, 2020

Searching for meaning in her life, Hannah Myers is disoriented when she finds herself thrown back in time to 1918. Why is she here? And how can she possibly be falling in love with a buttoned-up newspaper reporter named David Wagner?

With its quaint trolleys and Model T’s, Atlanta of 1918 is a far cry from the Atlanta she knows in 2019. It’s a dangerous era, with a virulent flu epidemic killing millions while American doughboys are shipped off to fight in the waning days of the First World War. As if that’s not bad enough, the Ku Klux Klan is roaring back to life while a corrupt politician threatens anyone who crosses him, especially a certain reporter.

Realizing how great the threat is to the man she loves, Hannah is desperate to protect him. But is it possible to tamper with history? Could there be adverse repercussions?

A riveting time travel romance.

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About the Author:

Connie LacyWhen Connie Lacy began writing her latest novel, “The Time Capsule,” she had no idea it would be so timely. Her description of the flu pandemic of 1918 has a lot in common with the Coronavirus epidemic of 2020.

Connie worked for many years as a radio reporter and news anchor after dabbling in acting in college and community theater. Those experiences show up in some of her novels.

She writes fast-paced stories featuring young women facing serious challenges set against a backdrop of some thorny issues. She writes time travel, speculative fiction and historical fiction.

She and her husband live in Atlanta.

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