Cover Reveal: Big Flipping Deal by Ian Saul Whitcomb

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I am organizing a cover reveal for Big Flipping Deal by Ian Saul Whitcomb. This cover reveal will take place on 7 November. There will be a giveaway.

Big Flipping DealBig Flipping Deal
By Ian Saul Whitcomb
Genre: Erotic Romance LGBT
Age category: Adult
Release Date: November 9, 2016

When the sweet little old lady down the road dies and leaves Nick half ownership of her house, he really has no idea what he’s getting into. His co-owner, Lindsey, gives every appearance of being Nick’s dream girl … smart, talented, funny, and drop-dead gorgeous.

But Lindsey has a secret.

And when Nick finds out, his fantasies of dream-girl romance get turned upside-down.

He’s already signed on to remodel the house with Lindsey and flip it for a big profit. They’re going to be in constant, almost daily contact. She’s absolutely perfect in every way but one. Only that one is a doozy.

Will Nick be able to make things work with a woman whose equipment isn’t what he expected?

Will Lindsey open up after a lifetime of misunderstandings and bigotry?

Is this house flip headed for a happy ending … or a wrecking ball?

Big Flipping Deal is a highly charged erotic romance full of humor, heart, and the opening of minds. The story is intended for adult audiences only.

You can find Big Flipping Deal on Goodreads

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About the Author:

Ian Saul Whitcomb lives in a state of bewilderment and anxiety about the shape of the world, which leads him to invest copious time writing differently shaped stories to soothe his agitated nerves. He can also be found blogging sporadically at and Twittering by the handle @coolgasmic. Hearing from readers never fails to make his day, whether in the form of blog comments, tweets, or the Holy Grail of reader feedback, Amazon reviews.

You can find and contact Ian here:

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There is a cover reveal wide giveaway for the cover reveal of Big Flipping Deal. These are the prizes you can win:
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