Lola’s Blog Tours 2 year anniversary!

Posted September 13, 2015 by Lola in Information

Today Lola’s Blog Tours turns 2 years! I want to thank all the awesome bloggers and authors out there who worked with me in these past two years! Without you this wouldn’t have been possible. And a big thanks to my banner maker Coen Dekker for making the awesome banners for my tours.
I am still in awe every day I can actually organize tours for a living. It’s a dream come true.

What Happened this Year?

The biggest change I made this year was making Cover Reveals free. I wanted a way for new authors to sample my services and for returning customers a thank you. Very little authors booked cover reveals before this change as I think I was charging too much for them. So I decided to make them free and see what happens. So far the results have been amazing, in the short time cover reveals have been free I have organized twice as much cover reveals than the whole time before that. For now decide to keep cover reveals free, although I might change this later.

Beside that I made some small changes to my services and tour host page during the past year. One of the changes on the tour host page is that bloggers who use their facebook page as a blog can now officially join as a tour host and sign-up for every tour. The demand to have blog tour posts top post and live on 9am, both have disapeared as I felt like it wasn’t helping the author, the bloggers or me and I feel better not setting those restrictions anymore.
On the services page there is now a section for authors to help determine which tour is best for you. In a few short sentences I explain which tours first which needs best to help authors decide which tour they want.

I added a policies page. It includes my giveaway and privacy policy. I always planned to make a policy page, but never got around to doing it until a few months ago. I also changed how I listed my review opportunities as the list became so long, I decided to not list them all in my sidebar anymore. On the services page review opportunities are now listed with age category and the genre, so people can easily see if there is something in a genre or age category they like.


I thought it would be nice to list how many tours I’ve organized so far in the past two years:

These only include all finished tours and reveals by now. For the review opportunities count I included all review opportunities also the open ones. If you compare that to my stats last year you can really see how much Lola’s Blog Tours has grown. I more than doubled most of the numbers, which means my business has grown a lot this year :). Which makes me really happy.

Here’s to an even better third year! I am looking forward to another tour filled year!