Review Opportunity: The Most Special Chosen by Rachel de la Fuente

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I am organizing a review opportunity for The Most Special Chosen by Rachel de la Fuente. Review copies are available in e-formats: mobi, epub and pdf. This review opportunity is no long open for new sign-ups.

The Most Special ChosenThe Most Special Chosen (Exalted Bloodlines #1)
By Rachel de la Fuente
Genre: Paranormal Drama/ Paranormal Romance
Age category: New Adult/ Adult
Release Date: March 3, 2018

Meet Elysabeth Vance, an ordinary college student who has a not-so-secret vampire obsession, and Shawn, her best friend of eight years who has learned to manage Elysabeth’s… less awesome characteristics. Graduation is seven short months away, and then it’s time to join the working world.

Enter Damien: mysterious, gorgeous, and, according to Shawn anyway, dangerous. Elysabeth and Damien are drawn to each other instantly, but Shawn is positive that Damien is hiding something.

Join them all on an exhilarating journey of romance and discovery. Their differences lead to some rocky moments, and Damien’s secret could see everything fall apart. But that’s nothing to the secret uncovered about Elysabeth and her family.

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About the Author:

Rachel de la FuenteRachel de la Fuente (meaning of the fountain) lives in Maryland with the love of her life and two furry children that meow. The Most Special Chosen is her first novel, but it’s hardly her first story. She’s been writing since elementary school, and telling stories since she could speak. She is an avid fountain pen enthusiast with a bit of an ink problem, and often writes book notes and sections of stories by hand.

Rachel was born and raised in southern California, but spent many summers with family in Mexico. Her parents loved traveling, so she also spent many vacations in various locations, soaking up foreign cultures and sights. She still loves to travel, and is committed to crossing all of the locations off her bucket list.

Rachel is a proud Slytherin, and when not writing, spends much of her free time reading, cross stitching, and watching documentaries.

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