What can an author assistant do for you?

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In today’s post I want to talk about the different things an author assistant can do for you. There are lots of different author assistants and it varies from assistant to assistant what they can do. In general I would say that everything that’s not the actual writing, you could find an assistant that can do that work for you.

Before hiring an assistant it can be helpful to figure out what you want the assistant to handle and this post is meant as a place to give you ideas for the type of tasks an assistant can handle for you. When it comes to hiring an assistant it’s important to discuss which tasks you want your assistant to do and whether they can do those tasks. It’s also an option to hire multiple assistants to cover all the tasks you want an assistant for. I’ve heard of plenty of authors who have multiple assistants that handle different tasks, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind if you can’t find one author assistant that handles everything you want.

Below I sorted the tasks an assistant can do under various headings, social media tasks, website tasks, newsletter and email tasks, book publishing related tasks, ARC team and reviews related tasks, book marketing tasks, giveaway tasks and other tasks.

Social media tasks

  • Adding your books to Goodreads.
  • Update book information on Goodreads.
  • Designing book teasers.
  • Designing social media graphics.
  • Create reels or videos for social media.
  • Create a book trailer.
  • Writing and scheduling social media posts.
  • Replying to social media comments and/ or messages.
  • Writing social media pitches.
  • Posting about your book in social media groups.
  • Recommending your books on social media in topics asking for recommendations when relevant.
  • Retweeting or sharing other people’s social media posts.
  • Checking hashtags or tags for you or your books.
  • Liking reviews of your books on Goodreads and/ or Bookbub through your account.
  • Updating your social media profile information, like avatar, banner, text etc.

Website tasks

  • Creating and setting up your website.
  • Updating your website.
  • Updating your website home page.
  • Adding new books to your website.
  • Updating relevant series or all books pages with new books.
  • Website audit to check if everything looks correct and links work.
  • Changing layout or information on your website
  • Writing and/ or scheduling blog posts.
  • Answering blog comments.

Newsletter and email tasks

  • Help with writing and scheduling newsletters.
  • Collecting information or topics for future newsletters.
  • Designing graphics for newsletters.
  • Arranging newsletter swaps.
  • Answering emails.

Book publishing related tasks

  • Book Formatting.
  • Cover design.
  • Editing and/ or proofreading.
  • Beta reading.
  • Critique partner.
  • Blurb, cover and/or book feedback.
  • Find possible cover designers, blurb writers, beta readers and/ or formatters for your book.
  • Handles contact with cover designers, blurb writers, beta readers and/ or formatters etc.
  • Adding your books to vendor sites when ready to publish.
  • Updating information on vendor sites if anything changes.
  • Setting things up for selling your books direct.

ARC team and reviews related tasks

  • Manage Your ARC Team.
  • Sending invites to people to join your ARC team.
  • Contacting book bloggers, bookreviewers and/ or bookstagrammers with review requests.
  • Send out review copies for your book.

Book marketing tasks

  • Setting up book ads (Amazon/ Bookbub/ Facebook).
  • Creating book ad text.
  • Designing (ad) graphics.
  • Booking dates on book promotion sites for discounted books.
  • Checking possible promotions on vendor sites (like Kobo, B&N and Apple).
  • Schedule discounted days on vendor sites.
  • Organizing promotional events like blog tours, cover reveals etc.
  • Adding you your books to Bookfunnel, StoryOrigin and/ or Prolific Works.
  • Looking for group promotions to join on Bookfunnel, StoryOrigin and/ or Prolific Works.
  • Coordinating book signings and events.
  • Give feedback on marketing ideas.

Giveaway tasks

  • Set up giveaways.
  • Promote giveaway.
  • End giveaways and pick winner(s).
  • Contacting the giveaway winner(s).
  • Mailing or emailing giveaway prizes.

Other tasks

  • Set up link shorteners for your books.
  • Set up and maintain data tracking documents for your books.
  • Research possible promotional opportunities.
  • Monitor for pirated copies and send takedown notices.
  • Contact other authors for multi author promotions.
  • Research topics relevant for your book.
  • Research marketing, author or promotion related topics.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully this gives you an idea of the extent of work and tasks that an author assistant can do and can help you when deciding what to hire an author assistant for.

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