What is a blog tour?

Posted March 16, 2021 by Lola in Posts for authors

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In today’s post I want to talk about what a blog tour is and explain some blog tour related terms.

A blog tour is a virtual tour for your book across blogs. There is a time frame in which the tour takes place and during that time a variety of bookbloggers and/ or social media pages will post about the book. During the tour your book is featured on multiple book blogs (bloggers who blog about books) or social media pages (like Facebook pages and Instagram accounts) in the course of short period of time. Usually a blog tour takes 1-2 weeks, but some run longer or shorter.

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Blog tour related terms explained

Below I listed some commonly used terms when it comes to blog tours and what they mean.

  • Tour Dates. Tour dates are the days when the blog tour takes place.
  • Tour Schedule. The tour schedule is the schedule for a blog tour. This usually lists the tour dates and which blogger or bookstagrammer posts on which date. Often the schedule includes a link to the blog or bookstagrammer and lists what type of content they will post (review, excerpt, interview etc).
  • Bookstagrammer. A bookstagrammer is someone who posts on Instagram about books or book related topics.
  • Bookblogger. A bookblogger is someone who has a blog and posts about books or book related topics.
  • Tour wide giveaway. A tour wide giveaway is a giveaway that runs for the duration of the tour. Everyone who is part of the tour can share the same giveaway. Some tours have individual giveaways instead where each posts contains a different giveaway.
  • Tour stop. A tour stop is one of the stops during the blog tour. This is a book blog or social media account where the tour will make a stop.
  • Tour Organizer. A tour organizer is the company which organizes the tour.
  • Media Kit. A media kit is the total of promotional materials the tour organizer sends out to the participants for the tour. This usually includes all or most of the following: cover, blurb, author bio, book links, author links, giveaway, tour information, tour banner, excerpts, additional graphics etc.
  • Tour Banner. A tour banner is a graphic that is used for the tour. Usually rectangular or square shaped. It’s used to promote the tour and has the information for the tour on it, like the cover of the book as well as the title and author name. It also lists the name of the tour organizer usually. It has all the basic information about the tour and is also included in the media kit.

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