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Bookstagram Blitz

Bookstagram Blitz

Price: $85
Have your book be featured with graphics on social media, with the focus on Instagram.

  • Sent in your request for a bookstagram blitz at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • A Bookstagram blitz takes for a maximum of 7 days. Participants have to post at least once during that time frame.
  • No limit on number of participants.
  • Bloggers can also post on their blog, but that’s optional. Focus is on posting on social media.
  • A custom square tour banner will be made for your tour.
  • The author has to provide Lola’s Blog Tours with 2-5 square graphics for use during the tour. If you don’t have graphics, my designer Limabean Designs can design these for you ($10 per graphic).
  • Social media exposure by Lola’s Blog Tours before and during the tour.
  • One reminder e-mail will be send to the people who signed-up, but didn’t post during the time frame
  • Giveaway is optional, but encouraged.
  • Everyone who signs-up for the bookstagram blitz will receive a copy of your book and are encouraged to take their own photo and post it during the blitz. Reviewing is encouraged, but optional

Note: For this blitz you need be able to provide everyone with a free (e-)copy of your book, without obligation to review. This is so they have a copy to photograph. Without this a bookstagram blitz is less effective. If you don’t want this, please book a different tour instead.

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